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Presenting the first ZC MAG Grant Fundraising Zine Pack: Four anthology zines with unique and exceptional art, comics, poetry, and writing from the talented zinesters of Zine Crisis. All proceeds (after shipping and materials cost) of the zines go to funding ZC MAG's first Mutual Assistance Grant, an upcoming no-strings-attached grant by and for zinesters. Learn more about the grant here

ZINE #1: Good News from the Future

A zine full of articles of disturbing feel-good stories, imaginary advertisements, and comics from a future that isn't as great as it promises to be. 16 page full color booklet.

Contributions from: Jessi Sheron, Bitter Karella, June Martin, Kathrin Freudenberg, Desdemonical, Stef Sadler, Lorwell (Lara!), Aimee,  Sally Madden, L Nichols, Eve Harms. Edited by Eve Harms.

ZINE #2: Bread Zine

Zine Crisis' beloved pup mascot Iggy has his own zine! Beautiful illustrations, comics, and poetry—all inspired by one of the greatest and breadiest dogs of all time. Full color, 8 page, quarter size zine.

Contributions from: Andrew F. Sullivan, Veronika Dawydow
, Bhanu Pratap, Oscar Larousse, June Martin, Kathrin Freudenberg. Edited by Eve Harms

ZINE #3: Rare Bloom Issue 1

A full-color classic 8 page zine with poetry, illustration and collage centered around the Rare Bloom Manifesto (included)

Contributions from: Eve Harms, Veronika Dawydow, Jenna Appleseed, Tagus Knoll, Aspen Duscha

BONUS ZINE: Wet Nightmares 0: The AI Issue (Digital only)

A horny AI generated art zine with prompts from the most "sick and twisted minds" in zine land. Only available in digital form. 

UPDATE:  Due to the harmful nature of AI generated art coming to light and increasing irresponsible use of AI tools, this zine is now "out of print"

Limited print edition SOLD OUT! Thank you all for your support!! You can download the digital versions below for free :)


good-news-ftf.pdf 22 MB
breadzine-digital.pdf 19 MB
rare-bloom-digital.pdf 15 MB

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